Other Useful Ideas

As well as everything in the protocol, the benefits of regular exercise are well documented. What I would add is that in my opinion, resistance training such as weight lifting, is excellent for strengthening you physically as well strengthening your immune system. Of course cardiovascular training is very good too especially high intensity interval training as well as stretching-based exercise such as yoga or pilates. Any one of these three or if you can manage, a combination of these, should help in more ways than one. But if you’re too weak to do any of the above then something gentle such as walking (brisk if possible) will still do you good in terms of your body’s fight against cancer. 

Something else I find useful for relaxation & detoxification is regular massages. They really help rejuvenate you and with cancer you need to use everything at your disposal to help keep you relaxed and upbeat!

My final suggestion is regular meditation which again is great for relaxation as well as being very helpful for your spiritual well being and in keeping you focused.

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